2017 the Fourth B20 Key Service Partner Meeting

2017 the Fourth B20 Key Service Partner Meeting

The fourth B20 meeting of BBL in 2017 was hold in Jiuhua Mountain located in Chizhou Anhui. Jiuhua Mountain is one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China with a great view of scenery. More than 20 BBLs service partners gathered here to talk about business and learn from each other

Standing in such a beautiful scenery, the first thing to do is of course relax! Hiking, drifting... all these activities make this journey both joyful and meaningful.

The B20 meeting started form June 28. The freshman was introducing themselves one by one and the upperclassman was welcoming them.

BBLs sales direct Mr. Liu was sharing the new idea of home delivery which enables our customers to buy reliable products without walking out their houses. The service partners in B20 would be the first batch to run home delivery project.

The excellent service partner, Mr. Li Gang from Liuhe Nanjing was sharing what he learned from holding activities and his experience on preparation, promotion and execution. The secret why B20 attracts more and more service partners to join in is -- willing to share.


During B20 meeting, members prefer to sit on the ground, which is more convenient to communicate with each other face to face, heart to heart.

B20 is aim to help BBLs service partner to won the channel battery in big data era. The members in B20 have a great increase in sales value. They learn from the process of running business. They learn from each others experience. And they share what they learned with each other.

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